Copy project between instances

Copy Project Between Supervisely Instances

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GitHub release (latest SemVer) views used by teams runs


Illustrative Use Case: Enterprise Customer with private Supervisely Instance would like to share project with labeling provider that also has his own private Supervisely Instance. This app is useful especially when projects are huge (several gigabytes +).

How To Use

  1. Create new team on source instance. Copy project to this team. Let's call this project: project_to_share.
  2. Create and invite user to this team. This new User has access only to projects in special team, all data in other teams is private.
  3. Share id of project_to_share and user's api_token with your labeling provider.
  4. Labeling provider has to run app and in modal window define SERVER_ADDRESS, id of project that should be copied and API_TOKEN.

  1. Project (images/annotations/images metadata) is copied to current team/workspace with the same name.


Last Updated 2020-12-13 11:04:18
Author mkolomeychenko