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Explore constantly growing catalog of Supervisely Apps: open-source web-applications that provide new functionality to Supervisely platform. Import and export data, train neural networks, run data transformations and many more — all done by Supervisely Apps!

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The newest applications in continually growing ecosystem

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Upload your assets from PC or cloud storage, in many formats

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Save your assets and labels in different formats

Neural networks See all

Training, inference, serving, performance analysis, smart tools…

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For any type of data - image, video, 3d point cloud, dicom, custom interfaces, AI assistance…

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Team members, annotator performance & stats, exams, issues…

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Synthetic training data generation

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Transform data and annotations, perform augmentations, filtering and querying…

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Data exploration and insights, visualization, statistics, quality assurance

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Development environment, template apps, widgets how-to

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Presentation, content generation, administration

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Data samples and full datasets to get you up and running