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Full version of Persons Labeled contains 5711 images with annotated person instances (see download section). This repository is a sample with 595 images. Read more in our blog post.


Person segmentation is critical task in analysing humans on images for many real-world applications: action recognition, self-driving cars, video surveillance, mobile applications and much more.

We at Supervisely had our internal research on this field and we realized that there is a lack of data for this task. You can ask us: what about public datasets like COCO, Pascal, Mapillary and others? To answer this question i’ll better show you few examples from COCO dataset:

The quality of human segmentation in most public datasets is not satisfied our requirements and we had to create our own dataset with high quality annotations.


Sample (Supervisely format): tar archive (1 GB).

Full version (Supervisely format): tar archive (7,3 GB).


Sample project contains 595 images.

The full version contains 5711 images.


How To Import


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