Country Roads

Country Roads

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GitHub release (latest SemVer)


Full version of Country Roads contains 1000 images with annotated road surfaces (see download section). This repository is a sample with 100 images. Test images can be found here. Read more in our blog post.


Cityscapes and Mapillary datasets are mostly about city environment. But there are a lot of cases when autonomous vehicles have to drive on country roads: autonomous harvesters, trucks and agriculture robots. Other reason why you can not use mentioned datasets for this task directly is that many classes (e.g. “road shoulder”) are marked as neutral. It leads to inaccurate prediction of drivable area on country roads.

We believe this contribution will be useful for many researchers. We release 1000 labeled images and 500 test images. We tried to keep the variety of labeled images.


Sample (Supervisely format): tar archive (145,4 MB).

Full version (Supervisely format): tar archive (1,5 GB).


Sample project contains 100 images.

The full version contains 1000 images.


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