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Import Images

Drag and drop images to Supervisely, supported formats: .jpg, .jpeg, jpe, .mpo, .bmp, .png, .tiff, .tif, .webp, .nrrd


Import images in Supervisely format

Images with corresponding annotations


Import images from cloud storage

Import images from cloud (Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, ...)


Convert YOLO v5 to Supervisely format

Transform YOLO v5 format to supervisely project


Import Images from CSV

Upload images using .CSV file


Import images with masks

Import images with binary masks as annotations


Import dicom studies

Convert DICOM data to nrrd format and creates a new project with images grouped by selected metadata


Import Pascal VOC

Import public or custom data in Pascal VOC format to Supervisely


Remote import

Connect your remote storage and import data without duplication. Data is stored on your server but visible in Supervisely


Import from Google Cloud Storage

Upload images by reading links (Google Cloud Storage) from CSV file


Add properties to image from CSV

Match image tag with CSV columns and add row values to image


Import Metadata

Import Metadata for Images in Project


Import COCO

Converts COCO format to Supervisely


Movie genre from its poster

Application imports kaggle dataset 'Movie genre from its poster' as supervisely project


Copy project between instances

Copies images + annotations + images metadata


CSV Products Catalog to Images Project

Convert .CSV catalog to Images Project


Import Cityscapes

Import Cityscapes to Supervisely


Import images groups

Import images groups connected via user defined tag


Import COCO Keypoints

Converts COCO Keypoints format to Supervisely


Flickr downloader

Downloads images from the Flickr to the dataset.