Tags co-occurrence matrix

Tags Co-Occurrence Matrix

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App takes images project (or dataset) as an input and produces an “Interactive co-occurrence matrix” that has the following dimensions: row_number = number of tags, col_number = number of tags. Each cell of the matrix shows how often a pair of tags (say person and car) appears together (how many images that simultaneously contain at least 1 person and at least 1 car). Each cell is clickable to open corresponding images.

Additional comments:

  • This app is good for data exploration since it allows to see a big picture (co-occurrence statistics) as well as to navigate to the images of interest
  • This App might be used to find “suspicious annotations”. If annotator has confused the tag, we might see it as an “unexpected value” in the cell of “coexistence matrix”
  • Gradient based colors of the matrix’ cells might be useful (will be added in next version)

How To Use

Step 1: Add app to your team from Ecosystem if it is not there

Step 2: Run app from the context menu of images project or dataset: context menu -> Reports -> Tags Co-Occurrence Matrix

Step 3: Wait until the app is started, press Open button in Workspace tasks. You don't need to wait untill all images are processed: if open button is enabled then click it.

Step 4: Explore you data with interactive table: click on cells to access corresponding images and open them in labeling UI.

Step 5: App saves link to report to team files: /reports/tags-co-occurrence/<project id>_<project_name>.lnk. Link to generated report also available in task output column.

Step 6: Stop application once you finished with it. App can be stopped from tasks list or from application UI.

Example of the results:

Stop from App UI Stop from workspace tasks page


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