Render Video Labels to MP4

Render Video Labels to MP4

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GitHub release (latest SemVer) views used by teams runs


Creates presentation mp4 file based on labeled video. Object instances are always rendered with random colors. It helps to distinguish objects of the same class on the frame. Class name is rendered with original class color.

Example of the results:

Example: bitmap with opacity Example: rectangles
Watch the video Watch the video

How To Use

Step 1: Add app to your team from Ecosystem if it is not there

Step 2: Copy to clipboard id of the video that should be rendered with labels

Step 2: Run app from team apps page:

Step 3: Define input arguments in modal window: video id, line width, opacity for bitmap objects, frame range, etc.. and press Run button

Step 4: Wait until task is finished. Result video is saved to Team Files to directory: /rendered_videos/ with name <video-id>_<video-name>.mp4.

File can be download directly from team files (right click on the file -> Download)

or from workspace tasks list by clicking on the download URL in task output column


Last Updated 2020-12-09 18:49:16
Author mkolomeychenko