Movie genre from its poster

Movie genre from its poster

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Application imports kaggle dataset to supervisely. The movie posters are obtained from IMDB website. Invalid image links will be skipped with the corresponding warning, that you can see in the application task log. Movie genres are assigned to the images as tags. The collected dataset also contains IMDB Id, IMDB Link, Title and IMDB Score as image metadata. Each Movie poster can belong to at least one genre and can have at most 3 genre tags assigned to it.


  1. Download dataset from kaggle and unpack MovieGenre.csv file to your computer.
  2. Drag and drop MovieGenre.csv file to Team Files

How To Run

Step 1: Add app to your team from Ecosystem if it is not there. Application will be added to Current Team->Plugins & Apps page.

Step 2: Go to Current Team->Files page, right-click on MovieGenre.csv file and choose Run App->Movie genre from its poster.

Note: It may take some time to download and process all images

Note: Application will result in the supervisely project named: Movie genre from its poster, with 37315 images in the dataset.