Create Trainset for SmartTool

Create Trainset for SmartTool

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This app created training dataset for SmartTool from labeled project. All classes in the input project have to be Bitmaps. Please, use app Rasterize objects on images to raster all objects and prepare correct object masks. It is crucial for this app.

All classes will be converted to a single class, then instances crop will be performed and then positive/negative points will be randomly generated.

Note: Customization of SmartTool is available only in Enterprise Edition (EE).

How To Run

Step 1: Run from context menu of project

Go to "Context Menu" of project with images -> "Run App" -> "Training data" -> "Create Trainset for SmartTool"

Step 2: Waiting until the app is started

Once app is started, new task appear in workspace tasks. Wait message Application is started ... (1) and then press Open button (2).

Step 3: Define augmentations

On the left side you will see the augmentation options. You can keep the default settings. You can press Preview button to see the augmentations applied to a random image. Press Run button to start the augmentation process. As a result new project will be created. Once all augmentations are applied, the app will be stopped automatically.


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